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Maybe it will go away if I ignore it

The only difference between men and boys is the size of their toys

Women and sex

One of those help desk from hell calls

Bar Joke

Bungee Jump From Hell

Bud Light The Hard Way

Cat Scratch Fever

Fixing The Internet Porn Problem

It Could Be Worse

A Woman's Brain

I'm Not Confused

Men Are From Mars

When You Are Down Everyone Wants To Kick You

The Meaning Of A Good Friend

Correct way to bring down a terrorist

Machine gun funny as hell

Deer hunting with a bird

There is nothing wrong with our kids

Sobriety test

Curtain bars across town

Group support meeting

How I feel about gas prices

Blonde moment

Another blonde moment

How fights get started

My kind of Batman

Damn the bad luck

Best new drug


If we are what we eat

Some days are too busy

A Prayer

This Kid Is Getting An Early Start

I Would Rather Not Do Either

Evolution For Bob

Ask The Fruit Cake Lady

Clean Underwear

Try Not To Judge People

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 Swear Jar

Grandma Spittin Teeth

Why English is our Language

Holy Moses

That is Life

One of my absolute favorites

The difference between men and women

The difference between men and women

Sounds like something some friends might say

Just a funny sound file 1

Just a funny sound file 2

A classic favorite 1

A classic favorite 2

Hooked on crack

Pass me the hair dryer

Number One Anti-AmericanTerrorist

I Like To Snatch Kisses

Can You Tell Which One Is Female

Punched So Hard Don't Know If I Should Laugh Or Cry

Trolled For Some Fish Lately

Why I Don't Troll For Fish Anymore

Before Marriage

After Marriage

After Divorce

Before And After


The Difference Between Men and Women

The New Problem With Drug Testing

Scary Map

Life Before The Computer

When Technology Is Not So Great

Playing Games

Don't Piss Her Off

Making Computers Do What You Want

So That's How They Make Spam

Urgent Bulletin

Wrong Gift Again

This Girl Is Bad Ass

The Old Ball And Chain

Awesome Magic Trick By Chriss Angel

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 Deer Hunter Fun

Who's On First

Four Funny Commercials

All Men Want One Of These

 Spider Gangster

Uncle Jay Tells It Like It Is

Hillbillies Tell It Like It Is

Finally A Salesman That Sells The Body

What Would You Do If You Won The Lotto

I Would Not Want To Run Into This Cat

If I Was A Terrorist

Don't Think The Hole World Isn't Watching

High Sea Road Rage

Existence Of  UFO

She Is Coming All Undone

How To Clean A Toilet

Wisconsin Titty Bar

Easter At The Whitehouse

Gorilla Grip

The Democratic Promise

Semper Fi

Texas Cowboy

Wilson's Buddy

When The Boss Calls In Sick

Americas Energy Fix

 Your Doctor After New Health Bill

 History Of The Bird

 How Important Is The 2010 Elections

 Are Women Born This Way

 Are Men Born This Way

 What A Difference 100 Years Can Make

 Another Shattered Dream

 Intestinal Fortitude

 Big Boobs

 Cool Evian Commercial

 Fifty Dollars Is Fifty Dollars

 Look A Likes

 Message From The President

 Grim Reaper

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 Train Your Dog To Keep Your Mother In Law Away

 Cool Lightning Show

 You Need Help

 Pinch My Nipples

 Professor Tells It Like It Is

 Victim Fights Back

 The Wife

 Boy This Guy Was Lucky

 How To Tell Who Your Real Friends Are

 Why Women Can't Fix Cars

Attitude's Have Changed Since First Crash

 My Pick For A Shotgun Wedding

 Big Boy Chili

 New Way To Get A Date

 So You Think You Can Dance

 All Wrong But Funny Just The Same

 Bad Santa

 This Extreme Sports Enough For You

 Funny Farmer

 Future Of Nursery Rhymes

 To Bad We Would Not Let George W. Talk Like This Because He Would Have

 Got Gay

 The Problem With Video Calls

 Best Of Bob Hope

 Hell Explained By A Chemistry Student

 Her And His Diary

 How To Load A Boat Onto A Pickup

 Italian Women Are Tough

 How Do You Discover A Talent Like This

 New White House Dog

 Got Balls

 Well Educated Voters

 Secret To A Great Marriage

 Best Ever Pilot If It Was Real

 What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas

 Something We Took Away From Parents That Our Kids Need

 Why Men Shouldn't Play With Action Figures

 Why Most Men Are Not Democrats

 Go Back In Time

 The Future Of Our Cars

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 Golfers Creed

 Biker Close Call

 Pump Cast News

 Just Print More Money

 Cool Technology

 I Want One Of These

 This Is One Lazy Boy

Right angle pictures

 More right angle pictures

 It tough guy

 Button button I want that button

 We all know what it is like getting busted

 He is not going to get any

 Cowboys and Bikers

 Typical media reporting

 Dirty mind


 Texas knuckle heads

 National debt

 Only a Kansan can understand

100 MPH Goat

Bank Robber

Candy Boy

More Boys With Cool Toys

Best Panhandler

Idiot 1

Idiot 2

Idiot 3

Technology Can Be Weird

3 Condoms Please

Yellow Snow

Another Drunk Mistake

Why A Boatload Of People Should Not Ride In Back Of Truck


Hell Yeah I am Going To Sniff It

Things People Pass Around

Fire Hose Rodeo

Only In Arizona

Offiice Stress 1

Office Stress 2

Office Stress 3

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Study completed after years of intense study & research on Emotions. Amazing results

Bottoms Up

Pretty Clever

The iRon

Lets Not Go On Another Three Hour Tour

If We Do I Have Bitch Slapper Ready

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